Feb. 19th, 2011

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Title: four knit bending emblem squares/hot pads
By: [personal profile] eruthros
Recipient: zephre
Rating: SFW
Character(s)/Ship(s): none
Content Notes: no standard notes apply

small image of four knit bending emblems

knitting pattern )

more pictures )
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Title: Cold War
By: [personal profile] noldo
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Ship(s): ensemble (all the ladies!)
Summary: Do you know what you're fighting for?
Music: Cold War, by Janelle Monae
Content Notes: Migraine trigger/seizure warning, white flashes and jump cuts present.
Notes: glass_icarus suggested a dangerous ladies vid; hopefully this will do! There might be mild political commentary perhaps.

password: coldwar

Cold War from Anon Ymous on Vimeo.

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All of the fanworks have been posted and our first Lunar New Year Exchange is almost at an end! We'll be posting the masterlist complete with creators' names Sunday night, so you have the weekend to catch up on anything you've missed before the cloak of anonymity is lifted. Once the masterlist goes up you'll be free to discuss your fanworks as you wish and repost them wherever you like.

If there's any information you'd like us to edit into your fanwork post aside from your name - for example, a beta credit, a download link for a vid, etc - leave a comment to this post and we'll sort it out.

And if you've sent a fanwork to us that we haven't posted, please drop us a line in a comment here or an email to whitelotusmods @ gmail.com. Similarly, if you didn't default but haven't had something posted for you, please get in touch!

Comments are screened.
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Title: Some Like It Hotman
By: [personal profile] reflectedeve
Recipient: calciseptine
Rating: PG
Characters: Zuko, Sokka
Spoilers: For the end of the show, I suppose (it's set not long after).
Content Notes: none
Comments: I'm sorry that this didn't wind up as slash, quite; I hope you'll enjoy the dynamic nonetheless. I've always loved the idea of Sokka dragging Zuko off on ridiculous adventures, just to shake him up!

Some Like It Hotman )


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