Dec. 2nd, 2015

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Welcome, welcome, to the fourth Lunar New Year Exchange.

Rules and details are here.

The signup form is here.

Signups are open until December 14th, 11:59pm GMT. Submissions due February 1st.

Sorry about the last-minute hiccup in getting signups up -- everything will now run to advertised schedule!
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Interested in making extra gifts as part of the fest? Not able to sign up to make a full fanwork? Treats are fanworks with no size requirements that anyone can make or request, regardless of whether they're signed up.

Feel free to leave a comment below listing your requests and likes whether you've signed up or not, and someone may make a treat for you!

If you'd like to make a treat, peruse the prompts. If anything takes your fancy and you make something, submit it to by midnight GMT February 15th. [more info at the rules post]

If you'd like to see some more treat requests, you can check out previous treat posts - if you have something half-finished from a previous round, or you want to make something for one of those treats, have at it!


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