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LNYE FIC: Li, for floranna

Title: Li
By: dracomaleficum
For: [personal profile] floranna
Rating: R/Mature
Character(s)/Ship(s): Hakoda/Zuko, mentioned Hakoda/Bato and Zuko/OCs
Content Notes: Mentions of dubious consent and of characters under 16 having sex; the story takes place in a brothel. Expect swearing and any potentially disturbing content related to prostitution. Also brainwashing.
Genre: Angst, drama, romance
Summary: Everyone knows the old story about how the five-year-old Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation went missing. Hakoda knows it too and doesn't particularly care. Not until he finds a young, golden-eyed boy in a brothel in Ba Sing Se.

Li on AO3

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