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For everyone with an interest in Jee/Zuko, and I seem to remember that's quite a few people around here - there's a ship week going on at Princebender, the Jeeko comm that [livejournal.com profile] dracomaleficium, a few other people and I run on Tumblr.  Come over for some lovely fic and art, or join in! Prompts are here

Princebender is pretty active at other times as well, and very friendly and welcoming, so do stick around. 
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I will be hosting Icontest at [community profile] legendoficonist community. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun even if you do not belong to community.

Bei Fong Madness is a head to head icon contest - Set up like bracket games for march madness. People can submit up to 2 icons featuring Bei Fong family for challenge before March 8th 1159 pm Pacific Time.

Submit icons and more information on challenge can be found here.

ATLA World

Dec. 28th, 2012 05:20 pm
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I created [community profile] atlaworld an interactive community for Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.

Members are part of one of the four teams of atlaworld and earn points for their team by completing challenges. Type of challenges include: Writing, Graphic/Media, and Games. Members are not required to participate in all challenges - just the challenges that appeal to them.

If anyone wasn't aware of atlaland over at livejournal - this is the same concepts of that but revived. I co-mod the community for two years before I went on hiatus during the pregnancy of my second child. It was very enjoyable to run and to participate before I became a mod. There were many fantastic fanworks that stemmed from writing and graphic/media challenge and that why I wanted to do a revival of the community.

The community is visible for all to see the activities since I moved it to DW. So if anyone would like to investigate on what challenges entail before applying for a team.

Community Rules
Apply for a Team
Details regarding current round

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Signups: on LJ / on DW | Rules & Dates: on LJ / on DW | Meta Plotbunny Exchange: on LJ / on DW

Signups just opened this morning at [community profile] month_of_meta for Meta Month of March, a new, multifandom meta festival. We welcome any kind of fannish meta - fandom-specific (for example, analyzing an A:tLA character or the writing trends across a particular season), or meta on any general fandom-related topic. The Meta Plotbunny Exchange has lots of ideas to get you started. Mostly, we want to encourage more fannish discussion - all fandoms and topics are welcome!
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Posted with permission! Thank you!

The second round @ [community profile] casestory just began and we all remember Avatar Day, don’t we? Have you ever wanted to write a case story in this fandom? A Case Story Big Bang 2.0 is the right place for you!

[community profile] casestory [community profile] casestory [community profile] casestory

Author Sign Up @ LJ
Artist Sign Up @ LJ
Author Sign Up @ DW
Artist Sign Up @ DW
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Greetings Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fans

I created two new communities - one writing challenge and one icon challenge. Both communities allow any character/pairing for both ATLA and LOK.

[community profile] atla_contest
Writing challenge community. Challenges are posted bi-weekly which a new post every other Monday.. Challenges are also a three length cycle - Short (100-300 words), Long (300+ words), Free Length (100+)

Basic Information on Community

Challenge 1 is posted

[community profile] atla2020
This is an icon challenge community that is mirror to one I run on livejournal. There are two types of icon challenges that I ran there.

Basic Information on Community

Bi-weekly icon challenge:

I will post a new themed every other Monday. People can create and submit up to 4 icons related to the theme.

Challenge 1 is posted.

20 in 20 challenge:

20 icons in 20 days challenge. People create 20 icons for this challenge divided in the following way: 10 themed icons, 5 related to category theme, and 5 artist choice

I post sign-ups (mainly to keep track of who participating) on 1st of each month. On the 11th of the month I post themes/category theme. People have until Midnight Pacific Time on 30th of each month to submit set of icons. (Except February and December)

I will begin these when I do sign-ups for the January round.

Both communities have voting open to anyone. Anyone who appreciate creative atla related works are welcome to join communities even if you do not plan on taking part in the challenges.

*Thanks lotus mods for the quick response.
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Good thing I'm still tracking the A:TLA Kink Meme on [community profile] multikinkmemes, because there have been new prompts and fills recently. And they were delicious!

So, anyone here interested in reviving that meme a little bit more? There are juicy prompts waiting to be filled, and some good things to read - and look at. Can't believe I forgot to mention the gorgeous art! ♥

Find a list of art & fic fills under here: )
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[community profile] chromaticvision is hosting a drabblethon October 1st to October 14th for all fandoms with characters of color (of which Avatar: The Last Airbender certainly fits the bill!). It's not just for written drabbles, but drawbles and iconbles (2-4 icons of the same image with different textures/texts/colors/etc) as well. Rules and guidelines can be found here.

We hope to see plenty of Avatar fans!
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[community profile] multikinkmemes is a new, multifandom kink meme community. It didn't take long for me someone to start an Avatar: The Last Airbender thread.

Go forth and prompt/fic!

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Hey everyone! In case you haven't already heard, [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan is holding a fandom auction to support the flood relief efforts. The mods have put up a master list of recognized charities and aid agencies here, and some kind soul has also set up a delicious account for ease of browsing. If you would like to participate, there are links to all the offering posts here, and if you would like to bid on any A:TLA offerings, the delicious tag is here!


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