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Title: Drink Some Fucking Tea
: Iroh, Zuko
Pairings: none
Rating: just a couple of bad words, so still G?
Summary: A parody of 'Go the Fuck to Sleep'. During season one, Iroh unloads some frustrations about his beloved nephew that he can't very well voice out loud.
Notes: A bit of nonsense written mostly as a distraction from the things I actually need to write. 'Go the Fuck to Sleep' is a hilarious children's book-style rant from a very frustrated parent. This may be more enjoyable if you first take a look at the very short text of the book or listen to this wonderful five-minute dramatic reading. Um, it's probably not very in character for Iroh to use this much modern-day profanity. I'm just trying to stick to the atmosphere of the original :)

AO3 link

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Title: Special outfit(s): A Sokka picspam (dressup)
Fanwork type: Picspam
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Sokka/Aang/Katara, Sokka/Suki, Appa
Images: 20
Summary: I'm going to need some new props.
Content notes: Underage, incest

At my journal.

Title: 袂 (velvet silk feathers furs)
Fanwork type: Poem
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Mai/Zuko, Katara/Mai
Word count: 185
Summary: Small makes her power
Content notes: Underage
Notes: 袂 (Mèi) means "sleeve of a robe"

DW | AO3

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Title: Conventionality
By: [profile] mecredigirl
Recipient: a fill for yifu's prompt
Rating: Suitable for all.
Character(s): Ursa
Content notes: None

Moon above the plains,
Grey light upon the terrace.
Aosha tries to dream.

Brush and deepest ink
Dancing out the strokes for 爱:
Marriageable skills.

Her gaze crosses court;
A frowning young man startles.
Does she know his name?

Clink of silver taels
On her father's table --
She fetches good coin.

Red silk bows her head,
Gold phoenixes romp her robes.
Walk to your future.


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