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Lunar New Year Exchange: Draft Forms!

The signups for the Lunar New Year Exchange will open on Wednesday and will be open for a week. Before we open signups, though, we'd like to run the rules and the signup forms by you to make sure they'll work for as many people as possible. We're using google forms for signups, and the signup form looks quite a bit like last year's - we just made a few changes (added characters, fanwork types, made space for Legend of Korra characters, etc). If google forms doesn't work for you for whatever reason, drop us a line when signups open and we'll transfer your info to the form.

So! Here's the draft White Lotus Lunar New Year Exhange sign-up form.

If you'd like to poke at the form or submit a test signup and give us feedback, please do! (We'll be clearing all the test responses before we open signups, though, so remember that this is only a test version -- if you want to sign up for real, you'll have to fill out the form again when signups open.)

We populated the lists of characters, ships, and genres from the [community profile] white_lotus tag list plus suggestions from last year, so they don't represent a complete list of possible characters/ships/genres/fanwork types -- please let us know about things we left out! ETA: Oh geez, I left out podfic in my c/ping; I'll fix that before we go live. If we're still missing things on sign-up day, you can list as many things as you want under "other."

Look for the new draft rules later today or tomorrow!
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YAY! More Lunar New Year Gift Exchange! (Last year, it was like have a whole other season of show.)

The signup sheet works for me :D (And being able to put as many things as you want under "other" is fabulous).
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Could you add to characters: Song, Ming, Jin, and Joo Dee?
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Did a form run through, seems to work great and I didn't notice any major omissions. The only other thing I can think of that I see offered in exchanges that don't focus on just fic/vids/graphics is foodstuffs, but I think that can slot in under "other" if someone decides to do that.