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LNYE Fic and Icons: She returned, for amanda_violet

Title: She returned
By: [personal profile] ladyjamielynne
For: amanda_violet
Rating: G
Character/Pairings: Young Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee. Ursa and Ozai. Hint of Mai/Zuko
Author Note: I originally started to work on a wall-hanging featuring Mai and Zuko wedding day. I under estimated the time it would take me to complete with having a new baby. I will share with you once I complete it. I thought it would be fun write about how Mai and Zuko relationship began.
Content Notes: none

She returned

Zuko had felt ill to his stomach since he heard that his sister, Azula, had returned from Girls Academy. Life has been blissful for him while she was gone attending school far far away. He successfully avoided her since she arrived home but it was almost dinner time. He was required to see her evil grin once again.

A knock on the door broke young prince's trance.

"Prince Zuko, your present is needed in the dining hall," the servant announced.

Zuko had lost track of time while he was daydreaming about the wonder of the absent of his mischievous little sister.


Zuko lowered his head as he walked into the dining hall. He was ashamed that he disappointed his father.

"You're late," Ozai blurted. "That is no way to behave especially today."

He heard Azula snickered. The evil sound filled his thoughts with what sort of trouble was she planning up for him.

"I am sorry, father," moped Zuko.

The Prince slowly raised his head to face her. She had the same pure evil expression upon her face. His mother had told him that Azula could have changed - being away at the Academy could help her become more humble and respectful towards others. But the look he received from her proved that nothing had changed.

"I have good new brother," said Azula smiling deviously.

The only news Zuko would find that was good is that Azula would return back to the Academy tomorrow.

"Grandfather will not have to suffer by seeing only your poor firebending skills," the Princess mocked.

"Azula!" Ursa interrupted with a disproved tone.

"The Girl Academy decided it was best to expand their resources," Azula grinned. "I will no longer be away from the comfort of home."

What did Azula know about comforting Zuko thought to himself. She only strived off the pain and suffering of others.

"What the difference between them giving you a teacher here than hiring the best teacher in the city," Ozai grunted.

The young Prince was shocked with the reaction of his father. Of all the people sitting at the table he would be the only one who would be happy to welcome Princess Azula home.

"Well, father, it will not be just me training here," Azula stated. "The instructors wanted me to work along with others to improve my skills.

"Intriguing," Ozai stated. "Who are these other firebenders?"

"Li said there will be a time where my bending will not cut it," Azula hissed. "If my unbelievable talent is not enough to win I doubt no second class bender can help at all."

Zuko rolled his eyed he felt bad for whomever needed to work with his sister period.

"Clearly, the most obvious choice on partnering up is finding two non-benders," Azula boasted. "I examined every person and found two girls that show potential."

"That is a very intelligent choice on your part," Ozai praised. "Who are these girls?"

"Ty Lee, she is an acrobatic who has a unique technique to paralysis opponents. That I can in vision being very handy in sticky situations." Azula stated. "The other girl is Mai, she is working on mastering knives."

"I'm excited to meet your friends," Ursa smiled.

"Well they aren't exactly my friends yet." Azula replied. "They are just two girls who showed potential. They still need to prove themselves to me."

Zuko felt sorry for the two girls who had been chosen as her teammates. Azula was pure evil and no doubt one day both girls would get burned by Princess Azula in one way or another.


Several days later, Zuko got his first glimpse of the two girls who were training with his sister. Both girls looked innocent neither appear as evil as his sister.

"Hello," smiled Zuko as he introduced himself to the girl wearing pink with her hair pulled back in a long braid.

"I'm Ty Lee," chirped the acrobat. "Isn't it great that I am training with the princess herself."

Great and Azula in the same sentence was a oxymoron to Zuko.

After a few moments of silence Ty Lee continued to chatter, "My sisters are so jealous that I am training with Azula. My mother is impressed I was able to be part of an awesome team."

"Aren't you worried that she turn her back on you," Zuko questioned.

"Not really," the acrobatic joyful stated. "It is quite well known what a tiny terror she is. That actually made my parents more proud since I was able impress her."

Zuko sighed this girl was hopeless. She was more obsessed with what her parents thought of her friendship than the fact that befriending Azula was horrible.

Zuko walked over to the girl and introduced himself.

"You're Azula's brother," Mai said in a monotone voice. "I pictured you differently."

"Huh," Zuko questioned.

"You're sister described you as a worthless weakling with no hopes of mastering firebending," Mai stated.

"Hey," Zuko blurted. "I'm not weak."

"Well, I did figured some of it was fabricated your sister tends to do that a lot." Mai explained. "I take her opinion on others lightly since most time its rather false."

"So you don't think I'm weak," Zuko smiled at the girl.

"You haven't proved to me that you are weak or strong." Mai stated. "I can't judge someone when I don't know enough about them."

"Watch this," Zuko yelled before moving to the firebending stance he knew best.

Zuko maneuvered left and right, forward and backward showing off his firebending skills to prove to the young lady that he wasn't weak as Azula claimed he was.

"Brother," Azula cackled. "You look ridiculous."

Ty Lee snickered beside Azula like a loyal lap dog.

Zuko stopped and turned bright red. He wondered what he messed up on Azula had always pointed out flaws on his skills.

"Don't listen to her, she hates all other firebenders," Mai sighed after seeing his face. "Curiosity got me interested in seeing how Ty Lee and Azula would work together. They both need to be the center of the world all the time."

"Is that why you are here," asked Zuko.

"Partially, the boarding quarters at the Academy are very strict," Mai stated. "You can't even go outside to read a book without hearing a earful."

"I trade that life if it got me away from Azula," Zuko joked.

"Mai, get over here," Azula shouted. "We have no time for losers like Zuko."

"Yeah," Ty Lee agreed with a giggle. "Anyways I doubt you would know how to react if he kissed you."

Azula nudged Ty Lee in the side, "He doesn't have enough charm and even if he had some Mai would be too smart not to fall for him."

"Well, I should go," Mai blushed. "I can explain my actions of joining the Academy here further at another time."

For a brief moment Mai smiled, she was delighted to have another reason to work along beside the Princess.

Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s): Jee, Mai, Ming, Zuko, Jee x Zuko, Jee x Ming
Content Notes: none <3


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Aww, that was sweet! Love at first sight? <3

I like that Mai even knows that Azula's no good, but she goes along anyway. And I love how Zuko immediately tries to impress her. Nice icons too, I'll definitely use them. :)

Thank you!
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Glad you enjoyed it.

You're welcome.