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LNYE 2013 Masterlist

Here is the masterlist of fanworks created for the 2013 Lunar New Year exchange! Author names have been edited into original posts and the AO3 collection is revealed. If you find any errors or want any changes made, just let us know.

Huge thanks to our participants, treat-makers, pinch-hitters, betas and commenters for contributing to a great exchange. My particular thanks to my co-mod [personal profile] eruthros for all her hard work and for picking up my frequent slack at the last minute.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to thank your gift-maker for their hard work.

See you next year!

- [personal profile] such_heights


my voice is the earth (Korra/Lin) by [personal profile] hamimi_fk for [personal profile] kaberett


At Home After The Fight (Amon/Lieutenant) by [profile] amanda_violet for [personal profile] torachan
Maiden Voyage (Lin, Tenzin), by [personal profile] attackfish for [personal profile] such_heights
Knowledge Becomes Spirals (Zei) by [personal profile] attackfish for [personal profile] jack_of_none
Sink Like A Stone (Toph, Katara) by [personal profile] attackfish for [personal profile] eruthros
Trail The Footsteps of Shadows (Toph/Ty Lee) by [personal profile] attackfish for [personal profile] serpentine
Move the Mountains that Aren't There (Azula, Zuko) by [personal profile] attackfish for [personal profile] floranna
The Greatest Earthbaby In The World (Toph/Sokka, Katara, Lin) by [personal profile] cosmic_llin for BatchSan
Li (Hakoda/Zuko) by dracomaleficum for [personal profile] floranna
why live on the edge when you can jump (Lin/Tenzin) by [personal profile] dropsofviolet for [personal profile] lizbee
In Silence (Hakoda, Zuko) by [personal profile] floranna for Nele
Remember you are mostly water (Lin, Korra, others) by [personal profile] kaberett for wolfs lament
Side by Side in Orbit (Toph, Lin) by [personal profile] torachan for [personal profile] troisroyaumes
Finding Balance (Toph Beifong, Lin Beifong, Katara/Aang, Suki/Sokka, Toph/OC) by [personal profile] kouredios for [personal profile] rosabelle
Joint Operations (Lin/Iroh II) by [personal profile] lizbee for [personal profile] attackfish
Training (Ikki, Jinora, Korra, Mako) by [personal profile] lizbee for [personal profile] silly_cleo
In Confidence (Jee/Zuko) by Nele for dracomaleficum
Talk and Tea (Lin, Korra) by [personal profile] rosabelle for [personal profile] such_heights
Allegiances (Suki/Ty Lee) by [personal profile] such_heights for [personal profile] dropsofviolet
Bookworm (Jinora) by Tari for [personal profile] cosmic_llin
Diplomacy of Nations (Aang, Zuko, Kuei, and others. Some Mai/Zuko and Aang/Katara) by wolfs lament for Somariel

fic + icons:

She returned (Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee) by [personal profile] ladyjamielynne for [profile] amanda_violet


five icons (Azula, Katara, Toph, Korra, Lin Iroh II, slight Korra/Iroh) by [personal profile] attackfish for [personal profile] ladyjamielynne
226 icons (women of Legend of Korra) by [personal profile] kaberett for wolfs lament.
21 icons (many characters) by Somariel for [personal profile] ladyjamielynne


Waiting To Spark (Katara/Zuko) by [personal profile] silly_cleo for [personal profile] kaydeefalls


Galileo (Korra, Aang) by [personal profile] kaydeefalls for [personal profile] kouredios
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