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Title: Remnants in the Mist
By: [personal profile] recessional
For: [personal profile] crossedwires, here
Rating: G and Warm Fuzzies
Character(s)/Ship(s): OCs, Aang, Katara, Appa, Momo
Content Notes: No standard content advisories; note that story assumes Aang and Katara were involved, but broke up.
Summary: In which Aang gets a lovely shock.

Remnants in the Mist )
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Title: 21 icons (plus extras) for [personal profile] idlerat
By: [personal profile] chagrined
Rating: Safe for work
Characters: Katara, Aang, Momo, Sokka, Toph, Appa, Zuko, elephant rats, a platypus bear.
Content Notes: None
Notes: 20 general use icons from seasons 1-3 and the art book, including 4 animated icons. 1 customized icon. 3 random extra graphics. Also thanks to [personal profile] busaikko for language assistance on #5.

21 icons plus extras )
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Title: Bigfruit
By: [personal profile] terajk
Recipient: glass_icarus
Characters: Momo, Appa, Aang
Ships: Appa/Momo
Word count: 149 words
Rating: G
Content Notes: None.

Summary: Momo broods.

Read more... )
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Rating: general/everyone
Character(s)/Ship(s): Appa, Toph, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Suki, Momo, Zuko, Ty Lee, Mai, Azula, Iroh, Hama
Content Notes: Nothing major -- mild physical violence, as seen in the show. However, the linked journals may contain other stuff.

[livejournal.com profile] aprilstones:
Appa's wanted poster. Toph, Sokka, Katara, Aang, and Momo sit in a circle around a map. Toph waving her arms. Text: Yay!

11 more recs beneath the cut. Mild spoilers for all three seasons. )
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By: [personal profile] chagrined
Rating: Same as show
Character(s)/Ship(s): Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Iroh, Momo, Appa, Foo Foo Cuddly Poops
Content Notes: none
Spoilers: Caps from the "Bending Battle" chibi cartoon, season 2, and season 3. Quotes from all seasons. No really heavy plot spoilers, though.
Other notes: X-overs with Mythusters, Firefly, Pinky and the Brain, and Supernatural.

Teaser:   preview 1   preview 2   preview 3

36 Avatar icons here

100+ Icons

Jul. 15th, 2010 11:06 am
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I posted 114 Avatar icons last week, all textless and usable as bases.

By: eruthros
Rating: the same as the show
Character(s): Aang, Appa, Azula, Iroh, Katara, Mai, Momo, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Ty Lee, Zuko
Content Notes: none
Spoilers: images are mostly from the second and third seasons, including the series finale


The rest of the icons can be found at my journal.


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