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I just found out about an ATLA and Korra rewatch happening on Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastAirbender/wiki/rewatch

They've already finished AtLA, but the comment posts are still open and sometimes still have new comments.  Currently they're re-reading The Rift, and then will start Korra. 

The new AtLA comic Smoke and Shadow will be read as it comes out, in between Korra episodes.
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... and it's on the Youtubes.

My reaction (because I haven't watched it yet...) to be liveblogged in comments. ;)
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I really liked this episode, especially in comparison to the premiere. What did the rest of you think?

spoilers )
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LoK: talkin' class equality and spacin' gender equality
by: [personal profile] blab 

A friend of mine wanted my thoughts on how the creators have been dealing with gender in LoK and this is the result. There's casual discussion of plot points all the way up to episode 7 so please be aware of definite spoilers.

@ DW / LJ / tumblr

Is Tahno a transman?
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I thought the endless speculation about the woman from s1x08 and whether she was Tahno, a relative of Tahno, or a Tahno fangirl was amusing up until the point that people started blogging and reblogging screenshots of her that pointed out that you can see a breast and that, of course, this meant it couldn't be Tahno at all! I might have 'hrmphed' and gotten indignant about that and posited the question of, "Why can't that be Tahno? What if he was out and about in Republic City that night without wearing his binder?"

@ DW / LJ / tumblr

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 birdbrainblue on Tumblr has an interesting theory regarding the flashbacks we see in Legend of Korra as of the latest episode, "When Extremes Meet"; you can read it here. Obviously, big honking spoilers!
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Done with season three
Just recently. I loved it--
It's time to fangirl.

I thought it'd be fun
To discuss in haiku form
All of Avatar.

Say you just love Toph,
Or ship Katara/Suki.
Ask who Pakku is.

Best moments of all?
Does fall see nations at peace?
Let's talk Zuko's hair.

Come squee, chat, digress.
Comments go here to commence:
Haiku Comment Fest.

Fear not the haiku.
Sokka said, "This is easy,"
Circa season two.

(Mods, if this breaks rules,
Please delete it. Otherwise,
What rhymes with okka?)
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