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Hi all!

A quick post in response to some enquiries:

-- yes, Korra discussion, fanworks etc are absolutely welcomed and encouraged here. I've updated the profile to reflect that and will populate tags, interests etc as we go along (by which I mean when I've had a chance to watch the episodes - bad fan alert! /o\)

-- you're all doing beautifully with cutting for spoilers, so keep up the good work there, but do remember that this includes icon choices when making posts, and that although it's now airing in the US not all of us can keep up with it so quickly (sob).

-- by request, we'll put up posts weekly where you can discuss the most recent episode/link to reaction posts etc. A belated one for the first two episodes will go up shortly.
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AO3 problem (now fixed)
Two people who tried to submit their fanworks on the AO3 today had their submissions posted as public and not included in the collection. I've tried to track the problem down, and I think that I've fixed it - it was an unfortunate combination of moderated posting and an incomplete member list that I couldn't replicate because I owned the collection. I've turned off moderated posting had a couple of people not on the member list check it - and it seems to be working with the new settings. I'm sorry about the problem!

If you're feeling leery of it, you can make a test post to the collection that doesn't include the text/embedded image/etc of your submission or name of your recipient - after you've posted, you can check and see whether it has successfully posted as anonymous before editing your information in.

This is also a reminder that main fanworks are due by January 16th. If you want to talk about an extension or drop out, please email us at

Treat fanworks are due by January 30th to be guaranteed posting space. You can submit treats for requests that you've seen anywhere: on the treats post (feel free to add requests any time!), on the pinch hit list, in someone's Dear Fanwork Producer Letter, etc. As with last year, if you submit a treat after the 30th, we will probably be able to post it, but we can't guarantee it.

To post to the challenge, you can either try the AO3 collection or you can email us your fanworks at Either way, please email us the headers for your post per the posting guidelines. If you have any questions about the exchange, please check out the rules post or drop a comment here.
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ETA: sign-ups are now closed.

Hello, all, and welcome to [community profile] white_lotus's first fanwork exchange! We've modified the rules and signups taking into consideration the suggestions of the community. If you have any further questions or need help or clarification, please leave a comment to this post or email whitelotusmods at gmail dot com.

1. The basics )

2. The schedule )

3. How matching will work )

4. Request language )

4a. If you need more information about your assigned person/their requests )

5. Types of fanworks )

5a. Crafts and non-digital artwork )

6. Minimum fanwork size )

7. Posting )

8. Dropping out )

9. Pinch hits )

10. Treats )

11. I don't want to sign up; what can I do? )

We’ve cleared the form before opening signups, so if you poked at the form during the testing period, you’ll have to fill it out again to signup for real. If you change your mind about your requests, you can resubmit the form under the same username.

We populated the list of characters, ships, and genres from the [community profile] white_lotus tag list and comments to the previous post about rules, so there might be some characters/ships/genres missing. If we’ve left out something that you want to sign up to do, you can list as many things as you want under 'other'.

The treats post is here.
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[personal profile] eruthros and I have been discussing the possibility of hosting an Avatar fanwork gift exchange, possibly to coincide with Lunar New Year in early February. eta: By which I mean, with gifts being due/posting beginning in early February. /eta We'd like to gauge initial interest and thoughts from the community!

Poll #5036 A:TLA Exchange
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 66

Would you be interesting in taking part in a fanwork exchange?

View Answers

32 (49.2%)

29 (44.6%)

probably not, but I want to share my thoughts
4 (6.2%)

Which fanworks should we include?

View Answers

just fanfiction
4 (6.2%)

fanfiction & fanart (inc. vids)
60 (92.3%)

something else I will mention in comments
1 (1.5%)

Should gifts be initially posted anonymously?

View Answers

46 (85.2%)

8 (14.8%)

Any other thoughts/opinions/questions? Please leave them in the comments.
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To mark the opening of the comm, we're hosting a flash fanwork challenge with the theme post-series.

Responses in all media are accepted, including rec posts, graphics, fic, art, vids, essays, podfic, and anything else that you'd like to do.

Given the nature of the challenge, it's probable that all entries will contain spoilers for the whole series - participants, do also remember that there are a good number of people watching for the first time at the moment, and mark your fanworks accordingly.

The challenge will run from now until Saturday 31st July, for those of you who dig deadlines. Post or link your entries to the comm tagged 'challenge: post-series'. For the deadline-averse, you are welcome to respond to the prompt any time. Questions? Leave a comment.
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Cut Tags and Post Length
If you're posting directly to the community, please use a cut tag; if you're posting a link to discussion or fanwork elsewhere, cut tags are not required. If your content will require more than one post, we'd prefer it if you could post it to your journal and link to the content here.

Some folks may be watching the show for the first time, so please let people know if your fanwork/discussion post/etc contains spoilers for the show.

Content Notes
We want to make a space where people can include content notes for certain types of content or can indicate that they choose not to use content notes, depending on preference.

If you prefer to include content notes:
Indicate whether your works include 1) nonconsensual sex or dubious consent, 2) graphic violence/gore, 3) self-harm or suicide, or 4) characters under the age of 16 having sex; if they don't include any of these things, please say "content notes: none" -- don't just leave the space blank! If you're not sure whether your fanwork includes any of those things, or you want to be more clear, feel free to give more detail. (E.g.: "one of the characters in this story is 45 but his body was deaged to 15," "the characters are high when they consent," "set during the third season, canon ages.") You can also include other information in this space: other notes about content, links to your warnings policy, or anything else that seems appropriate.

If you prefer not to include content notes:
Indicate in the "content notes" space that you choose not to use content notes.

Tag your post with some combination of character tags, ship tags, genre tags, and fanwork-type tags as appropriate. Please use both character and ship tags on fanwork posts, so that people looking for things about one character can find all of the fanworks in which they appear!

If you need new tags, let us know in your post and we'll make them for you.

The headers below are the minimum required for fanworks posted to the comm. You can also add new headers as appropriate for your fanworks -- length and size for podfic, summary for fic, preview icons or a teaser for fanart, and so on.

Title: [if applicable]
By: [if applicable]
Rating: [use any system you prefer, including marking things SFW/NSFW, pants/no pants, or hugs/porn]
Content Notes: [list the required content notes as described above, using "none" if your fanwork doesn't contain any of the things we ask for notes about, OR use choose not to use content notes]

If you'd like the html for the greyed-out warnings text that has a "skip" for screenreaders, it is in the text box below (from [personal profile] amadi's post on warnings html).

(The long list of tags on this post is just here to make them publicly available.)


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