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Title: Earth-Born
By: [personal profile] lynndyre
Rating: G
Characters: Toph and baby Lin
Summary: This is where babies come from ^.^

Title: Meaning of Fire
By: [personal profile] lynndyre
Rating: G
Characters: Iroh and Jeong-Jeong
Summary: I always thought Jeong-Jeong would have been happy to know the origin of firebending.

Both Pictures Here!
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Title: my voice is the earth
By: [personal profile] hamimi_fk
Recipient: [personal profile] kaberett
Characters/Ship: Korra, Lin, Naga | Korra/Lin
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Nothing beyond the expected age difference between Korra and Lin.
Summary: Three illustrations for Kaberett's my voice is the earth series.

my voice is the earth @ AO3
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*must post here more* I've discovered the gradation tool in photoshop, and apparently all I can think to use it for is repetitive cross-gen Zuko erotica. Oh well. NSFW images under the cut, click to embiggen :)

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Title: Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists
By: [personal profile] eruthros
For: [personal profile] livrelibre
Rating: PG
Content Notes: no standard notes; references to post-series events including violence and major character death pre-Korra

Summary: Many of these pieces lack provenience, as they were recovered after the Great Fire destroyed the Kuei Royal Collection at Ba Sing Se University.

The Avatar Collection is not available to the public. Scholarly inquiries should be directed to the Chief Archivist.

Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at the AO3

[mod note: there's still more to come! the scheduling didn't really work out for us today so we'll be posting a few more things tomorrow]
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Title: Toph and Azula on a picnic
By: [personal profile] alias_sqbr
Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s): Toph/Azula
Content Notes: None

Image and description )
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Please, take a look at this awesome art! (link goes to dA)

By: [personal profile] unjapanologist
Rating: PG for a bit of m/m kissing
Character(s)/Ship(s): Jee/Zuko

Content Notes: This is an illustration for [personal profile] unjapanologist gorgeous LNYE fic treat People in the mirror are closer than they appear, done by the author herself. It's a scene from a chapter not yet published, but not spoilery at all in the context of the fic.

I love that Zuko's the one to take initiative and the surprised expression on Jee's face.
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Hey guys, um... first post here. Started watching Avatar recently so I thought I'd draw some Zuko fanart. ^^;

Title: Prince Zuko
By: [community profile] tidus/jyunmei
Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s): Zuko
Content Notes: just a single character uh...being very hot? Haha it's funny cause he's a firebender. I am not funny...

^ click for Deviantart

Or, view it here at my artblog among a bunch of other arts.

I hope you guys like it~ Any comments would be welcome and appreciated. ^^;
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My friend [personal profile] probing_grays made me this The Social Network/AtLA fanart and gave it to me and said I could scan/post things so I scanned it and thought I'd post it here since I also already posted it to [community profile] zuckonit. :)

Title: Untitled
By: [personal profile] probing_grays
Rating: HUGS, and safe for work
Character(s)/Ship(s): Andrew Garfield & Appa
Content Notes: None. It's Andrew Garfield hugging a plush and/or tiny Appa.

b&w sketch art under cut )
whitelotusmods: Zuko from Avatar: TLA kneeling and holding up his wrists for restraints (Zuko kneeling)
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Title: Some Like It Hotman
By: [personal profile] reflectedeve
Recipient: calciseptine
Rating: PG
Characters: Zuko, Sokka
Spoilers: For the end of the show, I suppose (it's set not long after).
Content Notes: none
Comments: I'm sorry that this didn't wind up as slash, quite; I hope you'll enjoy the dynamic nonetheless. I've always loved the idea of Sokka dragging Zuko off on ridiculous adventures, just to shake him up!

Some Like It Hotman )
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Title: Tangle
By: [personal profile] terajk
Recipient: [personal profile] recessional
Rating: Worksafe
Characters/Ship(s): Katara/Mai
Artist's Notes: Inspired by your story Elision.
Content Notes: None.
Summary: Mai, Katara and a very large pillow.

Tangle )
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Title: Showing Off
By: [personal profile] zephre
Recipient: [personal profile] rodo
Rating: gen, SFW
Character(s)/Ship(s): Toph
Content Notes: none
Request: light-hearted Toph awesomeness
Medium: Painter with photoshop
Artists' Notes: I envision an audience of rapt children and possibly part of the Gaang, watching Toph do amazing things with earth and metal.

Showing Off )
whitelotusmods: Mai from Avatar: TLA mid-fight, with sunlight glinting off her shuriken (Mai with shuriken)
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Title: A Star at Sunset
By: [personal profile] terajk
Recipient: [personal profile] crossedwires
Characters: Mai, Toph
Rating: G
Summary: Sifu and her student. Post-series.
Content Notes: None.

A Star at Sunset )
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Title:Next Generation
By: [personal profile] zephre
Recipient: Jetamors
Rating: gen, SFW
Character(s)/Ship(s): Katara, Kanna (Gran Gran), Tenzin
Content Notes: none
Request: " art about women of the Water Tribe. Their daily lives, the things they do, their relationships with each other, the way they interact with their culture(s)"
Medium: Painter with photoshop
Artists' Notes: I thought about the way in which women of the Water Tribe would come together for the birth of a child, and Katara looking to her grandmother for the guidance she would have gotten from her mother about childcare.

Next Generation )
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Title: within the walls
Recipient: [personal profile] lorax
By: [personal profile] vi
Rating: SFW, PG/Teen and Up Audiences.
Character(s)/Ship(s): Toph, ?
Content Notes: Gen. No warnings apply. This is set post-series and contains spoilers.

Notes: I saw that one of your favourite characters is Toph and this story flowed out. I hope you like it! Many thanks to my beta, [personal profile] littlebutfierce!

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Title: Application of technique
By: [personal profile] chagrined
Rating: Porn
Character(s)/Ship(s): Azula/Zuko
Content Notes: Possibly dubious consent, incest
Other Notes: For [personal profile] gigerisgod for the Lunar New Year Exchange Fest

art under cut )
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Title: Visiting the Fire Nation
By: [personal profile] alias_sqbr
Recipient: pippin
Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s): Ty Lee, Suki, Mai, Kyoshi warriors
Content Notes: None
Summary: Ty Lee fails to convince her Kyoshi friends that the view from the top of the palace is best appreciated upside down. Suki and Mai converse on the subject from a slightly safer location.
Notes: Happy Lunar New Year, pippin, I hope you like your picture!

full-sized image under the cut )


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