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Title: Love in a Cold Climate
Pairing: Multiple het Kanna pairings.
Characters: Kanna, Pakku, Iroh, Jeong Jeong, Piandao, Bumi, Sokka, Katara, Bato, Hakoda, some OCs, some animals.
Length: ~16,000 words
Rating: light R
Credits: Beta kindly done by [personal profile] attackfish; the remaining mistakes are mine. A snippet of poetry about plums is loosely adapted from Wang Wei (701-761). The title is stolen from Nancy Mitford, but since she stole it from Orwell, I like think of it more as redistributing the wealth that was appropriated by the upper classes.
Author's Notes: I couldn't shake the feeling that Pakku had an awfully easy redemption. And that Kanna, who made an amazingly brave trip all the way to the other side of the world to avoid marrying him, got quickly turned into the rubber stamp of approval on his emotional growth, without a word about how incredible she and her story were. Man, women get erased awfully fast from stories after doing amazing, high-cost things, while the guys get their dream rewards handed to them in return for not being a total sexist asshat for two episodes. The show got that one kinda wrong. So here's a correction; this is more how that should have gone down.

(Mods, could I get a Pakku tag?)
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A friend of mine just posted an Avatar story set between the two shows. It's worldbuilding-centric, so it doesn't star any of the major cast(s), but it's really funny and charming! Sort of like The Sting, but with Earthbending.

Earth Kingdom Whiskey And The Invention Of The Long Con (5448 words) by BlueStreak
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: Legend of Korra
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Original Characters
Additional Tags: Alcohol, Con Artists, Crimes & Criminals, Between Seasons/Series
Summary: The decades after the Hundred Year War were a time of great economic flux. Fortunes that had been secure for centuries crumbled. New fortunes were built overnight, seemingly from nothing. Technology lurched forward, businesses thrived and withered at nightmare speed in a gold-rush atmosphere of unbounded possibility. In this environment, a new form of crime emerged: the confidence game.
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I normally don't post WsIP, but this one is more "collection of ficlets/one long fic which is a self-contained part of a storyline in chapter form". So the first six chapters are ficlets of varying length, while chapter 7 is a more-or-less self-contained Jee/Zuko story.

Title: Aspects and Avatars
By Aris Merquoni
Characters: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Zuko, Mai, Iroh, Jee, Arnook, and a scattering of OCs.
Word Count: So far, 22,605
Rating: Explicit
Contains: Sex involving characters who are under 18.
Summary: A number of scenes from the BDSM universe next door. Even when your relationships are complicated by your Aspect, you still need to save the world! Starts out with Sokka/Suki, Katara/Aang, Zuko/Mai, and Jee/Zuko, but there will be other pairings later. And some of those listed don't always last.

*flails* This got long. And there will be more.
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I recently finished up a novel-length Ba Sing Se AU, and it occurred to me that I should probably crosspost it over here -- I've been meaning to get more involved in Dreamwidth fandom, and what better time than when I have a newly-completed fic to share? :)

Title: Something to Hold Onto
Chapters: 13
Word count: 122,900
Pairing: Jet/Zuko
Rating: A very hard R for language, violence and sexual content
Spoilers: For the entire show, essentially.
Content Notes: Some of the violence could be considered explicit, depending on your sensitivity to such things.
Summary: Since the day the walls of Ba Sing Se fell, the Freedom Fighters have struggled to protect what remains of the city and its people. Jet and his second command, a mysterious boy named Li, have spent the summer piecing together an army, hoping for a chance to take the city back for good. But Li is also Zuko, and the time for that secret is quickly running out. Soon, he'll have to decide exactly who he is, what cause he's going to fight for and where his heart lies.

Links: Archive of our Own | Livejournal

Hope it proves relevant to some of your interests! Looking forward to getting the feel for things over here in DW land. :D
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Title: The World is Broad and Wide (but sometimes small)
Author:[personal profile] frith_in_thorns 
Characters: Toph, Zuko (gen)
Warnings/Rating: None/PG-13
Word count: 3500
Notes: Written for [personal profile] sholio , to (hopefully) make her happy :)

Summary: Toph decides to leave. But since, as she knows, she's clearly the most awesome earthbender in the world, she can't get away from having to save certain friends. Such as a very overconfident Fire Lord.

(At my journal)

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