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Please, take a look at this awesome art! (link goes to dA)

By: [personal profile] unjapanologist
Rating: PG for a bit of m/m kissing
Character(s)/Ship(s): Jee/Zuko

Content Notes: This is an illustration for [personal profile] unjapanologist gorgeous LNYE fic treat People in the mirror are closer than they appear, done by the author herself. It's a scene from a chapter not yet published, but not spoilery at all in the context of the fic.

I love that Zuko's the one to take initiative and the surprised expression on Jee's face.
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I am possessed by the sudden desire to read good Zutara fic. It's the former-enemies-become-friends-and/or-lovers trope, it gets me every time!

The problem is that I have no interest in character-bashing, and so far the Zutara fics I've read have all turned Aang into a pod person. It's deeply frustrating to me. I just want Katara/Zuko in character, with everyone else in character too!

So... help?
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(Linked with permission from the artist!)

mindfire3927 on deviantART has a gallery full of fantastic bento box designs. Here are some of the Gaang:

More under the cut )

Don't forget to check out her gallery for Katara, Azula, and even the Cabbage Merchant ♥
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I'm not sure how familiar we are with the work of PonDeReplay, but she has some gorgeous, gorgeous wallpapers that it'd be a crime not to share. Here is her ATLA subgallery:
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I just finished watching the series over the weekend. I've got an enormous post full of squee and a bunch of recs on this journal tag.
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Title: Five Times Zuko Realized He Loved Someone
By: [personal profile] sholio
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3400
Character(s)/Ship(s): Zuko and pretty much everyone else (one section is Zuko/Mai, otherwise gen)
Content Notes: Spoilers for the series through "The Ember Island Players"
Summary: Pretty much what the title says. Five looks at Zuko's relationships with other people at different points in his life.

Five Times Zuko Realized He Loved Someone (at my DW)

I also have another set of recs at my DW (fanfic -- mostly gen and Mai/Zuko -- and vids).
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This is a couple days old, but I posted a fanfic recset to my journal in my first flush of reading my way through the fandom, so I figured that I'd also post a link to it here. :) The recced stories are mostly gen team-Avatar-fic or Zuko/Mai (with a handful of other pairings; stories are labeled), and most/all are canon-compliant (that is, not AUs or fic that's been subsequently jossed). I've been reading a lot of post-series fic, so the recs will contain spoilers for the end of the show.

Fanfic recset is located at my journal here.
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Title: The Primary Colors in "The Siege of the North": an A:TLA picspam (Major spoilers for the season 1 finale!)
By: [livejournal.com profile] dharmavati @ [livejournal.com profile] iconnaissances
Rating: general/everyone/SFW
Characters: (mainly) Zhao, Yue, Aang, Iroh, Zuko
Content Notes: (skip) Nothing major; canonical violence, off-screen death, and creepiness.

The preview image is also spoilery, probably? Trust me, it's pretty.
softestbullet: Aeryn cupping Pilot's cheek. He has his big eyes closed. (AtLA/ becomes the sea)
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Rating: general/everyone
Character(s)/Ship(s): Appa, Toph, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Suki, Momo, Zuko, Ty Lee, Mai, Azula, Iroh, Hama
Content Notes: Nothing major -- mild physical violence, as seen in the show. However, the linked journals may contain other stuff.

[livejournal.com profile] aprilstones:
Appa's wanted poster. Toph, Sokka, Katara, Aang, and Momo sit in a circle around a map. Toph waving her arms. Text: Yay!

11 more recs beneath the cut. Mild spoilers for all three seasons. )
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Cut Tags and Post Length
If you're posting directly to the community, please use a cut tag; if you're posting a link to discussion or fanwork elsewhere, cut tags are not required. If your content will require more than one post, we'd prefer it if you could post it to your journal and link to the content here.

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If you prefer to include content notes:
Indicate whether your works include 1) nonconsensual sex or dubious consent, 2) graphic violence/gore, 3) self-harm or suicide, or 4) characters under the age of 16 having sex; if they don't include any of these things, please say "content notes: none" -- don't just leave the space blank! If you're not sure whether your fanwork includes any of those things, or you want to be more clear, feel free to give more detail. (E.g.: "one of the characters in this story is 45 but his body was deaged to 15," "the characters are high when they consent," "set during the third season, canon ages.") You can also include other information in this space: other notes about content, links to your warnings policy, or anything else that seems appropriate.

If you prefer not to include content notes:
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The headers below are the minimum required for fanworks posted to the comm. You can also add new headers as appropriate for your fanworks -- length and size for podfic, summary for fic, preview icons or a teaser for fanart, and so on.

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Content Notes: [list the required content notes as described above, using "none" if your fanwork doesn't contain any of the things we ask for notes about, OR use choose not to use content notes]

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(The long list of tags on this post is just here to make them publicly available.)


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