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Title: Love in a Cold Climate
Pairing: Multiple het Kanna pairings.
Characters: Kanna, Pakku, Iroh, Jeong Jeong, Piandao, Bumi, Sokka, Katara, Bato, Hakoda, some OCs, some animals.
Length: ~16,000 words
Rating: light R
Credits: Beta kindly done by [personal profile] attackfish; the remaining mistakes are mine. A snippet of poetry about plums is loosely adapted from Wang Wei (701-761). The title is stolen from Nancy Mitford, but since she stole it from Orwell, I like think of it more as redistributing the wealth that was appropriated by the upper classes.
Author's Notes: I couldn't shake the feeling that Pakku had an awfully easy redemption. And that Kanna, who made an amazingly brave trip all the way to the other side of the world to avoid marrying him, got quickly turned into the rubber stamp of approval on his emotional growth, without a word about how incredible she and her story were. Man, women get erased awfully fast from stories after doing amazing, high-cost things, while the guys get their dream rewards handed to them in return for not being a total sexist asshat for two episodes. The show got that one kinda wrong. So here's a correction; this is more how that should have gone down.

(Mods, could I get a Pakku tag?)
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Title: Katara and Sokka Belong
By: [personal profile] attackfish
Rating: All clips are from a TV Y-7 show
Characters/Ships: Katara, and Sokka, with appearances by the rest of the Gaang
Spoilers: For all of Avatar: the Last Airbender.
Content Notes: None
Summary: Happy fluffy Water Tribe siblings. Set to Pat Benatar's "We Belong".

Unfortunately, Dreamwidth and Livejournal currently don't support embedded videos from Critical Commons, so the links below will take you to my journal entries for these vids, which have commentary, and a link to the vid on Critical Commons:

| Dreamwidth
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Title: A Misunderstanding of Sides
By: [personal profile] somariel
Rating: T
Character(s): Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, OCs
Content Notes: No standard notes; Brutal pragmatism on the part of OCs, one use of the F-word
Summary:When the Gaang takes a trip to the Earth Kingdom after EIP, Zuko gets captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers while away from the others.

Read on: FFN|AO3|LJ
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Title: The Greatest Earthbaby in the World
By: [personal profile] cosmic_llin
For: BatchSan
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Toph/Sokka, Katara, Lin
Content Notes: pregnancy and childbirth; no standard notes apply

The Greatest Earthbaby in the World on the AO3
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 Title: dawn kisses
Author: honestly_sangi (sangi) 
Rating: K+/PG
Words: 591
Char/Pair: Sokka/Suki
Summary: Suki greets Sokka when he arrives in Republic City. 
Notes: For Sukka week, prompt 1: reunion. Also here on Tumblr.

The ship arrives several hours late; Suki is still waiting at the waterfront when it crests the horizon. )
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Title: How It's Done
By: [personal profile] skygiants
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Toph, Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Lin
Content Notes: None.
Summary: Toph really wants to try out this pro-bending thing. Set about ten years before the Korra action.

Do I look like I'm here to play pai sho?
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After finally reading the io9 article asking Is Legend of Korra Anti-Science?, I had some thoughts.

Amusingly, they had more to do with the original series than with Korra, but spoiler warnings for the whole of both series apply.
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My brain abruptly decided to wax eloquent about Sokka, so I typed it up for [community profile] month_of_meta!

on DW / on LJ

When thinking about Sokka’s role in the series finale, specifically one moment in the episode, I realized that we were given a Sokka scene that showed both how far he has come over the course of the series and how much of that strength had been in him from the beginning.
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Title: Primary Sources
By: [personal profile] ali_wildgoose
For: dropsofviolet
Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s):Gen with incidental Sokka/Suki
Content Notes:None

Summary: Sokka had known, going in, that they would have to excavate. But as he stood amongst the windswept dunes of the central Si Wong Desert, half-blinded by sun and sweat in his eyes as he scanned the undulating horizon, he wondered if he had somewhat underestimated the scale of the task he'd taken on.

Primary Sources at the AO3
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Title: pour me
By: [personal profile] pleonasm
For: [personal profile] mazily
Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s): Mai/Zuko; Sokka/Suki
Content Notes: none
Summary: Mai's gotten tired of Zuko staying out late with Sokka. She wants to come along. "Your breath stinks," she announced. "And tomorrow night, I'm going with you."

pour me at the AO3
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Title: The Grace That It Takes
By: [personal profile] tobu_ishi
Recipient: [personal profile] musesfool
Rating: T
Character(s)/Ship(s): Sokka/Suki
Content Notes: none
Summary: It dawns on Sokka that this may not match the tales, but he can find nothing in this twist to complain about.

The Grace That It Takes
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Title: 8 A:TLA icons and 1 A:TLOK icon (in a multifandom icon post)
By: dharmavati
Rating: SFW
Character(s)/Ship(s): Aang, Sokka, Katara, Suki, Korra


You can find them here!
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Title: the mother of invention
Rating: not sure?
Characters/Ships: Katara, Kanna, Mai, Toph, Smellerbee, Suki, Sokka, minor Suki/Sokka
Content Notes: none
Wordcount: I say 505, AO3 says 481.
Summary: A proposed solution to another of life's great mysteries, namely, how one deals with menstruation when one spends one's life on a flying bison. And other stories.
Notes: the mother of invention on AO3. In my personal canon, Mai has a chronic gynaecological condition.

Read more... )
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Title: Special outfit(s): A Sokka picspam (dressup)
Fanwork type: Picspam
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Sokka/Aang/Katara, Sokka/Suki, Appa
Images: 20
Summary: I'm going to need some new props.
Content notes: Underage, incest

At my journal.

Title: 袂 (velvet silk feathers furs)
Fanwork type: Poem
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Mai/Zuko, Katara/Mai
Word count: 185
Summary: Small makes her power
Content notes: Underage
Notes: 袂 (Mèi) means "sleeve of a robe"

DW | AO3

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Title: 25 Atla icons
By: snowynight
Rating: General
Character(s): Zuko/Mal, Aang/Katara, Katsra/Yue, Sokka, Toph
Content Notes: none


Link to the rest of icons


Mar. 23rd, 2011 11:59 pm
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Title: I'm Not Used to This
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Katara, Sokka (in this snippet)
Rating: G
Spoilers: None particularly, given I haven't specified yet when this is
Content Notes: None
Summary: Sokka does Katara a favor, sort of
Disclaimer: fanfic is fanfic :)
Notes: None

You have corrupted me. Tonight, I spat out just over a thousand words of something that is destined to be longish and slashy and femslashy and (in places) porny and ... umm ... yeah. Y'all have definitely corrupted me.

Someone critique my sample?


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