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Hello! I'm writing my first Avatar fic. And, as the series is on my usual beta's viewing list, I don't want to spoil her. After I got a few thousand words in, I was comfortable flying without a net on this one, but then yesterday I hit a snag: it passed 10k words, which is the point where I lose a sense of whether I've got consistent characterization and prose style and, without fail, start to strongly suspect the whole thing's gone off the rails in some undefinable fashion.

So I need a beta. Half to find style problems, half to hand-hold while I have length issues.

Details within. )

Any kind volunteers?

ETA: Generous volunteer located!
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I'm looking for someone who would be willing to beta mature (M, R, NC-17) stories for ATLA, including stories that involve non-con/dub-con relationships. I have literally just started writing this sort of stuff, so I am looking for critique on pretty much everything except spelling and grammar.

Please PM me if you would be willing or if you have a recommendation for someone who would be willing.
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I am possessed by the sudden desire to read good Zutara fic. It's the former-enemies-become-friends-and/or-lovers trope, it gets me every time!

The problem is that I have no interest in character-bashing, and so far the Zutara fics I've read have all turned Aang into a pod person. It's deeply frustrating to me. I just want Katara/Zuko in character, with everyone else in character too!

So... help?
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I recently re-watched all three books again and suddenly found myself craving a specific type of fic, only I couldn't find anything that fit. That made me wish for a collection of thematic fic lists like [personal profile] painless_j and many others have compiled for HP fandom.

Googling around only found me some multi-topic/multi-pairing rec lists, and that's not what I'm after.

What I want are lists that center on one topic/pairing/kink, so that when I for example crave fic about Iroh's time as a general during the siege of Ba Sing Se I have a collection of links to go through.

I don't mind starting to compile such lists or even start compiling lots of them, but I first wanted to know if there are already some in existence. I'm still a very new fan (only a bit more than half a year into the fandom), so if you know of any such a list, could you point me into the right direction?



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