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Hi guys! Just a reminder that main gift fanworks for the White Lotus Lunar New Year Exchange are due to the mods ( by midnight GMT on Thursday, January 27th, just under two weeks from now. If you're making a treat for someone, the deadline is midnight GMT February 10th.

For more information on the schedule, dropping out, or anything else, please check out the rules post.


This is also a beta-matching post! If you're interested in betaing fic, vids, art, podfic, icons, or any other types of fanworks for the exchange, please comment below with any relevant information (fanwork types or characters or pairings or genres that you can beta, maximum length, preferred contact information, etc.) so that people making fanworks can get in touch with you. You can offer to beta regardless of whether or not you're participating in the exchange. If you're participating in the exchange and looking for a beta, please contact them privately so as not to give away the fanwork you're making!

It's fine to list things that you don't want to beta, but please don't use bashing language about characters, ships, genres, or kinks. (Saying "I don't like X" is fine, saying "X is disgusting" is not.)


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