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Title: the moon bleeds red
Author: honestly_sangi
Rating: T
Words: 498
Genre: Drama, Romance, Evil Plotting
Char/Pair: Zhao/Azula
Prompt: avatar_500  @ livejournal, prompt 60: fanatic 
Notes: What was Azula doing during season one? Alternate universe what-if. 

"Perhaps we can make this a mutually beneficial partnership." Her smile was razor-sharp. )
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*must post here more* I've discovered the gradation tool in photoshop, and apparently all I can think to use it for is repetitive cross-gen Zuko erotica. Oh well. NSFW images under the cut, click to embiggen :)

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Title: A Tightly Woven Net
By: [personal profile] unjapanologist
Recipient: [personal profile] gigerisgod
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 28,000
Characters/Ships: Zhao/Zuko
Content notes: Warnings: Dub-con vibes because of the circumstances - Zuko is Zhao's prisoner. Flashback with mild underage happenings. Many thanks to the mods for endless amounts of patience, and to [personal profile] dancing_serpent for super-fast brainstorming help, ideas, and proofreading. All remaining errors are my own.
Summary Commander Zhao fails to capture the Avatar at the Fire Temple, but he does arrest five traitorous sages - and one traitor prince. AU from 'Avatar Roku'.

A Tightly Woven Net (on the AO3)
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Title: Bridges Crossed and Burned Behind Us
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Azula, Zhao ; Azula/Zhao
Rating: T
Spoilers: None!
Content Notes: Zhao/Azula pairing and Azula is her canon age.
Summary: We cross our bridges and burn them behind us. And the only memory left is the smell of smoke. A collection of Azula-centric drabbles.
Disclaimer: Not my toys!
Notes: Table is here

Here @ [community profile] thefarplane
whitelotusmods: Zuko from Avatar: TLA kneeling and holding up his wrists for restraints (Zuko kneeling)
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Title: People in the mirror are closer than they appear
By: [personal profile] unjapanologist
Recipient: [personal profile] dancing_serpent
Rating: mature (someone thinking about sexy things in somewhat explicit terms)
Length: 18k in total
Character(s): Jee/Zuko, hints of Zhao/Zuko, Iroh, various members of Zuko's crew
Content Notes: Zuko is fifteen here. Many thanks to my beta, and to the mods for giving me extra time when this treat got way, way out of hand. Avatar and its characters are not mine. The scene where (spoiler) Zuko tries to mimic Jee's facial expression was ripped off from “the Forbidden Friendship" scene from How to Train Your Dragon, which is also not mine.
Summary: Takes place almost a year before season one. Prince Zuko is growing up and discovering new ways to make Lieutenant Jee's life miserable. Just when Jee has had a bad, bad week of Captain Zhao popping in, an invisible thief stealing his things, his crew acting up, and an enemy bird invading his ship, Zuko brings matters to a head in bad, bad way.

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Title: The Primary Colors in "The Siege of the North": an A:TLA picspam (Major spoilers for the season 1 finale!)
By: [livejournal.com profile] dharmavati @ [livejournal.com profile] iconnaissances
Rating: general/everyone/SFW
Characters: (mainly) Zhao, Yue, Aang, Iroh, Zuko
Content Notes: (skip) Nothing major; canonical violence, off-screen death, and creepiness.

The preview image is also spoilery, probably? Trust me, it's pretty.


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